Private Classes

Why a one-to-one session?

A one-to-one session provides an environment to focus on your own practice. Private sessions are individually tailored and provide the space for you to learn and develop at a pace that suits you. You may want to improve your posture, alignment, and to benefit from more hands on assist adjustments to enhance your understanding of your own body and potential. You may also have specific areas you wish to target, e,g., tight shoulders and hips, or you may want guidance in developing or maintaining your own self-practice. 

What can I expect?

All private classes are individually tailored to your specific needs, whether your focus is on creating tone, gaining flexibility, building strength, energising, relaxing or restoring. Classes can be in Vinyasa, Yin, or a blend of the two. Vinyasa sequences can be designed to build up towards a pinnacle pose, preparing your body in a mindful way, allowing you to progress towards your aspirational poses. A strong focus on hands on assists and adjustments helps develop muscle memory and allows you to realise the full potential of your own yoga practice.