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Today’s work culture

Today’s work culture sees increasing demands on employers and employees, with many working long hours, often hunched over a computer; skipping meals and rarely taking a break from their workspace. Inevitably, over time, such work habits negatively impact both the body and mind in the form of stress, tension and sickness. 

Too much stress

While small doses of stress can help employees meet deadlines, excessive or continuous stress, can impede numerous physical and mental abilities. Yoga may help reduce stress from the body and mind, change the way we respond to stress, and thereby significantly enhance the overall health of employees.

Corporate yoga classes

I can tailor a class to suit the needs of your company and employees. Ideally you will provide a classroom space to accommodate the number of employees attending. However, if you are space restricted then the class could be held at a nearby venue. 

If you’re interested in exploring the value of adding a yoga program to your workplace benefits, please get in touch. 

Potential benefits:
  • happier, more energetic and productive employees
  • reduces stress-related sickness occurrences
  • improves concentration, decision-making and multi-tasking abilities
  • improves alertness and ability to respond more calmly in challenging situations
  • relieves head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, work-related injuries from repetitive motion, insomnia, and high blood pressure;
  • improves customer service
  • enhances employee attitude and outlook
  • enhances general well-being in the workplace, thereby reducing employee turnover