I was initially drawn to yoga as a 15 year old struggling to cope with the stress of school exams. Over the years, yoga has continued to help me manage life stresses; contributed greatly to my healthy lifestyle, and complemented my other sporting pursuits.

For a long time I relied on a Hatha yoga DVD – previously, classes were much less common and my friends had no interest in yoga! Inevitably my practice, with no teacher to help me advance, quickly stagnated - becoming dull, repetitive, and intermittent.

After attending a yoga and meditation retreat in 2012, however, the benefit of a good yoga teacher became clear. Since then, I have attended weekly classes in different styles, which transformed my practice in terms of alignment awareness, personal development and enjoyment. Knowing the extent to which a good yoga teacher can contribute to one’s practice soon inspired me to teach and led me to complete a 200Hr (Yoga Alliance accredited) teacher training in my preferred styles of both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

In addition to yoga, I have a passion for healthy, yet delicious food, a post-graduate certificate in Nutrition, and experience of catering for my own café.